Clink from Kansas April 2nd 2017

Good Morning on a 49 degree, cool, beautiful and peaceful Sunday morning.  I love mornings, that fact I can count on them,  the promise of another day. Another day to invest in what really matters, my family, friends and relationships.  The bible says in Ecclesiastes, there is a time for every purpose under heaven.  So far 2017 has brought with it a lot of change, the moving of our two daughters, changes, challenges, loss and illness  for so many.  Some having their first child and some saying goodbye to a dear loved one. Some celebrating a new job, some retiring from a job, and some finding they are in the wrong job.  Life brings with it a constant flow of change, but then that is life, when we are stuck in one season we are not living.   I have to admit I like the time for every purpose that has a happy ending, the time for every purpose that brings trials are harder to accept and navigate through.  I really find peace in truth, in the faith that no matter how crazy and out of control life can get there is a purpose for it all.   I am called to participate in this life, by helping, holding, listening, forgiving,  celebrating, mourning and dancing through it all…. Nothing is more important then people, not processions, money, land, feelings, or emotions.  Praying everyone focuses on what really matters… Relationships, People, Moments, Love, Hugs.. They are simgingly invisible, can’t be purchased, so fragile they can be damaged…. Have a beautiful and blessed day.  YM-YOU MATTER !!!!!!!! PM-PEOPLE MATTER !!!!!!!!!


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