Clink from Kansas, it’s about the little things …

It’s about the little things today. when you have to work crazy hours all week, when you are working all weekend to meet a new hospital computer conversion. When everyone around you is stretched out and stretched thin, the little things really do matter then. So I wake up at 4 am, drag to the coffee ☕️ pot and find a note from my husband, and through blurry tears I smile and say thank you for the little things that really matter the most. That you will go grocery shopping, make dinner, take care of the dogs and take care of life while I am so busy with other things. So as I drove in to work, light rain, no other car insight, I thought this doesn’t feel like Easter, where is God and the celebration of him in my day. Then my heart felt the response, He is there always, it’s not about a day, or a bunny, basket or eggs it’s about a daily walk of faith, it’s about God sending his son, its about Jesus dieing on a cross and his victory over death for our salvation. It’s about me feeling his love, grace and forgiveness, it’s about a quiet early morning drive into work and feeling the whisper of his eternal wisdom.. That’s Easter, the celebration of Jesus, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, and when you ask him to be the lord of your life, he’s there in everything that matters to you.. Praying everyone takes a moment today to meditate on the day and be grateful and thankful for what it really is, for God so loved the world. Have and beautiful and blessed day, he is risen and you are loved ..❤️💜💚💙💖


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