Clink from Kansas, there’s no place like Home..

Clink from Kansas, there’s no place like Home.. Good morning on a brisk, beautiful and blessed 35 degree Kansas morning.  Taking a pic with this sweet little mug on a new path into my Wind Rose Garden … love the beautiful stone colors, the blanket of new cedar mulch, the glaze of the mornings dew making all the colors pop and shine.. This was an emotional week, the many, many plants  were set, the stone paths were mastered into their perfect places and the over 50 bags of mulch carefully tucked in and around the borders to set it all off … As the Garden approaches it’s reveal and we are down to the little details of water and lighting effects, I was really overcome  with a deep sense of gratitude. I have been keeping a picture journal 📓 of the process.  As I looked at each photo and tears ran down my face I was amazed by all the hard work, talent, effort and love behind the scenes that created such an extradianry and blessed Garden.  I imagine there are grander, bigger, better, or  more beautiful gardens in this world, but not to this girl.. This is personal, this weaves a story, a journal Garden, a space to be grateful, thankful and blessed.  Richard and Pat Hall, you have given me a gift I have wanted since I was a little girl, a secret garden space  and I will cherish it, Thank you..  Praying everyone has a beautiful and blessed day.. YM- You Matter .. You are important and you make a difference, you really do .. ❤️💛💚💙💜💖


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