Clink from Kansas 

Clink from WindRose 🦋.. A cool Sunday morning with a light mist of rain ☔️. This mug from my Mother in laws house, many memories, laughter and conversations while drinking from it 🌻.. Yesterday was spent with Richard and Shauna touring the Gardens of six Master gardeners. The gardens were each so unique, beautiful and happy .. Some had been Gardens for over 20 plus years and some like WindRose, were beginning their story.. I loved each Garden, the canvas of each artist, using the earth to heal and fill life with so much beauty. Gardens are so Holy and healing for me , the first gift God ever gave to Man. God, the Master of all Gardens knew we needed to grow things, to make spaces that we could create beauty and be together.. I am most humbled and grateful for his extraordinary thoughtfulness …Life is so full of moments to share and Gardens to share them in. Praying everyone finds a space to breathe, be grateful and be together .. YM- You Matter .. 🦋💚🦋❤️🦋💙🦋💖🦋💜


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