Sssssllllloooowwww Motion

Clink from Kansas on a cool, full sun ☀️ bright and clear Sunday morning.. The last weekend of February 2019, wow this day will never come again and that thought alone can very sobering can’t it. It can also rally our ambitions and stir the soul that gets to see another sunrise and sunset and what a privilege that really is. I had to laugh watching Lord of Rings last weekend and how many scenes were done in slow motion to intensify the effects and you know what it worked really well. I was able to see every detail, really feel the gravity and weight and anguish they were projecting. As I sat in my office, the candle glowing, door closed, sipping coffee and intentionally just being still. The affect of slow motion allowed me to hear my heart beat, think clearer and focus more on what I was grateful for. My little office space, my warm home, my family, my dog resting her head on my feet.. and I bowed my head in a prayer, my heart full of thankfulness. Praying everyone slows a bit today for maybe just a moment, so you will find and see a treasure in this day, it matters … YM- YOU MATTER


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