Winters March

Clink from Kansas on a snowy, cold and wintry Sunday. The first of March is coming in like a lion and leaving us a generous white blanket of glistening powder so perfect and pure. This colorful mug stands out so vividly against winters cold and untouched canvas. It would be hard to see the mug if it were buried underneath all that snow. I know spring is coming, I know underneath all that winter is the next season and sometimes a season lingers longer than I have patience for. Life has seasons that can last longer than we have patience for too. Life’s seasons can last years, decades if we let them. Then maybe it’s less about a season that lasts and more about adjusting our focus to find… Spring underneath Winters harsh cold, Fall that relieves summers blasting heat, Winters welcoming celebrations of love and family and of course summers laughter and full days of activity.. Whatever season your in no matter how long, will not last forever. The slightest movement will, like the rotation of the earth, so slowly and unseen move you into a new season. I pray to have more patience in each season, I pray to focus on the blessings, beauty, purpose, and instruction in a season. The Bible says in Ecclesiastes chapter 3, first verse, There is a time for everything, for everything there is a season. Praying everyone takes time today to look up this verse, to just let Gods eternal wisdom temper the anxiety of any season you find your self in, it will change, all life and seasons do .. YM-YOU MATTER …


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