Be Somebody’s, Some Body

Clink from Kansas on a very cool and crisp, March ish spring forward and lose an hour morning. This sweet two word note my daughter Shauna left for me after her last visit. As I went to write something on the tablet in my office, these words stood out from all I had scribbled there.. and of course my heart was touched. How grateful am I that I was raised with, have friends and family that do …and have two incredible daughters that yield and use the power of encouragement. A well spoken or written word at just the right time has the power to go deep, to heal, to give what money and power can never achieve.. JOY…pure and beautiful JOY and LOVE .. Praying everyone senses the need of someone today.. a text, call, snap chat, a smile or a genuine prayer 🙏.. Be awesome and be somebody’s, some body .. it matters. YM-YOU MATTER.


One response to “Be Somebody’s, Some Body”

  1. sassybritches1962 Avatar

    Clink from CR
    Beautiful blue sky and cold brisk wind grace Colorado today.
    A word can evoke emotion, memories, and dreams. Isn’t it amazing how our mind puts such value on words. If used the right way, they can move mountains, used the wrong way, they can cause great suffering. My hope is to use words to express things others can not. Words can bring great power hope and JOY! Today my two words are…
    Seek Joy 😊


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