Pot of Gold

Clink from Kansas on an O’Sunday St. Patrick’s, better wear green and not get pinched, top of the mornin to you 🍀. Took this cup that my friend Kristy Chrisman gave to me up to CCR last weekend. CCR is just a wee retreat and hunting spot with a peaceful view of some rolling flint hills and a barn that is loaded with character and aged to perfection. I knew I could find a perfect photo spot and as I was walking around I was struck by a single beam of light piercing into the darkness of the barn. I slowly drew to the light and just simply lifted my cup up to catch the golden, warm and perfect sunshine ☀️ . I took this photo and later showed it to my friend Traci at work, her immediate reaction, I see the light of God. I have been thinking all week about this image and how light, lite and simply perfect is it’s meaning for me. We often like to say that our cups are half full or half empty right? I now say I want to wake in the morning raising my empty self to a God who promises to fill me with his peace, light and love when I seek him. The Bible promises that his love and mercies renew and are available in every new day. I know when I spend time with him in prayer, all the heavy darkness, fear and the worries of this world are driven out by the light of his never changing truths. Praying everyone takes a moment to be still and find a beam of light and sunshine today. That is the Light of God, smile and know he loves you.. YM- YOU MATTER


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