The old woman who lived in a shoe

Clink From Kansas on a very foggy and quiet Sunday morning. So much in this picture, the cup from my mother in laws house. 🏠. It is the perfect size and has been apart of a lot of memories, conversations and family get togethers. So now to this extraordinary art exhibit of my husbands family, their childhood. The Halls … it’s plural for a very good reason. Jack and Louise Hall have 12 children, I am personally married to Richard or #5. They are in order by the following, Theresa, Cheryl, Dennis, Rita, Richard, Karen, Carol, Marsha, Pat, Diane, Carl and Gary. This weekend my sister in laws all came home for a special event at St Peters Church. They came to celebrate their mom, to acknowledge what really matters most, being their for each other, being together and making memories. The theme of the table was the nursery rhyme .. The old woman who lived in the shoe. The talent and design credit to my sister in law Cheryl, bravo 👏… with assistance from Karen and Diane made the table over the top awesome. The entire weekend was filled with celebrations, laughter and reflection about their childhood. As you can imagine the family is so much bigger then the original 14, and I am pretty sure we are now approaching the 100 mark or certainly close. I watched these sisters, daughters and their mom making time for each other and it is nothing short of amazing and incredibly special. We are Family 💜… WE ALL MATTER !!!


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