Good Morning Vibes ..

Clink from Kansas on breezy and cool Sunday morning. Everything is starting to burst with incredible spring colors around here. The vivid green pasture view from our deck makes my soul happy. This mug I picked up at the Walnut Valley Music Festival this past year, the glaze and color in it just beautiful. As spring throws it best curve balls, beautiful one day and then crazy cold or raining the next, I make it a priority to take advantage of the good days. You know, navigating life like that works really well too. I am grateful for the good days and endure the hard ones knowing life has seasons that are ever changing too. Sometimes we create our seasons, getting stuck in bad moods, bad decisions, bad attitudes. Ugg the drain on life when we see the negative 👎. Praying everyone finds some spring today, a space for joy and happiness.. Looking at Gods creation around me makes me happy every time.. It matters. YM-YOU MATTER ….


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