Family Matters

Clink from Kansas, on a birds chirping, spring is crazy, beautiful and cool Sunday morning. I 💜 this photo of my husband, daughters and son in law. It was taken at a fun and very unique Irish ☘️ Tavern 60 feet underground in Westin Missouri called O’Malleys. Cute town and fun History.

So a recent trip to Leavenworth Kansas for a Kates family wedding and then a brief stop by the court house where my parents were married really tugged hard at all my feelings. I felt my self deeply missing those not with us, and at the same time an overwhelming sense of gratitude over being together, laughing, dancing, crying and making the next chapter of memories to weave into our strong and blessed family story. When I say Family Matters I convey it from the very deepest place of my heart. Family, so complex, blended, extra, extraordinary, everything and everybody wrapped up in a small yet powerful five letter word. Family doesn’t have to be perfect to be amazing. Investing in time together, living your unique story and making those legacy memories are the very gifts you leave behind for your future generations to remember you by, and that really matters. FM- FAMILY MATTERS .. YM- YOU MATTER .. DANCE LIKE NO ONES WATCHING 🎶🎶🎶


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