LEGO My Family

Clink from Kansas, where we are under yet another severe weather warning this morning and the all to familiar pounding of heavy rain and thunderstorms are settle down over us. 🌨

So this mug will make a lot more sense when you read the narrative in my blog this Sunday.

During a recent family wedding my niece was doing her best to introduce us and then draw the lines to how we are all related to one another.  You see I have to laugh; our family dynamic doesn’t fit neatly into everyone’s or a perfect organization chart.  We are not the van that has the stick family neatly across the back windshield, and if you read our stories they are filled with varied pasts and unique family legacies. So a lot of families have a Mom, Dad and then you either build a family tree from there or it explodes like a firecracker… My family history fits the latter, a full on 4th of July, beautiful and multifaceted fireworks display.  I can’t explain or take the time to wrap it all up in an understandable tidy bow for everyone.  I think a box of Legos might just provide you a more accurate picture of our tribe. We come from many different marriages, names, places, times, families and stories but somehow someway we have chosen to just stick together well, like Legos. Lego’s build things, they snap together and fit, and so do we.  We chose to vary and blur the lines of family and family titles to suit and fit us.   From the outside we are just like other families too, we have the same issues as everyone else. We fight, argue, love each other, talk, don’t talk; we hang out with some and never see others.  Some have a lot, some have enough and some are somewhere in between.  
What I really love and appreciate about us the most, my extraordinary, extended family that looks less like a tree and more like a lego design with many moving pieces and parts.  Our incredible tribe was built with the strongest of corner pieces and with names of the very best of family members. They were, and are incredibly kind, caring, thoughtful, inclusive, strong, funny, silly, witty, hardworking, ornery, pranksters, Jesus loving, compassionate, loyal and good to others. When we get together and we share stories of our people it is our legacy people that have set the foundations and character we continue to love the most and still build on today.  Our generation, this generation, though busy, spread out and layered, is still very grateful we all are left to tell their storiesand and boy do we have some colorful stories to tell.   I have lost track of the, who, what, when, where and why and decided it doesn’t matter because they all matter to me… 

Some family trees bear an enormous crop of nuts. 

I looked up my family tree and found out I was the sap.

So I have decided when people ask about my family, who are cousins, who are aunts, who’s in, who’s out, you know all those traditional molds and questions one typically responds to.    I will simply reply, we aren’t your Ancestry. com family we are a Firecracker Family, colorful, explosive, unpredictable, shooting in many different directions, sometimes together, sometimes not, but never ever boring 😉…. YM-YOU MATTER….

A friend sent me this- Family-  F-Forever, A-Amazing, M-Magnificent, I-Individuals, L- Loving, Y- You … no rules no boundaries …and I love them too….


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