Who needs a hug

Clink from Kansas on a beautifully mild and peaceful Sunday morning. This fabulous mug I got at the Timberline lodge near Mt Hood during my recent trip to Oregon. The handle and curve of this mug allow you to be warmed up while holding it. The Tag said a hug in a mug.. Sign me up for that, who doesn’t need a hug 🤗 in a mug. I have been truly blessed thus far this year with a lot of reconnections and new directions. Seeing old dear friends, spending time with treasured family, traveling to new places, expanding and clearing my spaces. I can truly say I have laughed more in the last six months then I have in many years, much needed. My word this year was lighter. Letting go and giving to God the need to control, the need to do it all, to open up to more of what matters and less of what doesn’t. My soul needed a hug. Praying everyone has a day that feels like this mug.. Easy, colorful and light .. YM- You Matter ..


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