Clink from Kansas on a quiet, cool, and beautiful pink sunrise kind of Sunday.  This cup is an oldie but goodie, I actually got this cup when the original Lion King movie came out in 1994, and yes that is 25 years ago.  You know some stories like the Lion King are just meant to be classics, just so good for uplifting our spirits. This picture was taken in a corn field just down the street from our home, I sometimes keep a cup in my car that I want to display for a clink and then the background and the story just seem to come together.  Just don’t mind the crazy lady pulled over at random spots taking pictures of coffee cups, it’s just me. I recently went to Oregon and coming from Kansas a harvest state was surprised to learn that the crop was actually seeds in the town we were close to. You heard me right; they don’t harvest the product but leave it in the ground and only harvest the seed to be sold all around the world to well, grow crops.   Mind blown for me …  Seeds are so incredibly important and I guess I really didn’t think much past the actual product.  Like what came first the seed or the tomato kind of thing.   Well it sent my ever deep thinking gardening mind into over drive. I really thought about the seeds I plant for myself, what makes me grow. I think I can sum it up into nice seed looking packets. Faith, Family, Friendships, People, Places and Experiences. I think if I can be diligent about sowing into all of these areas I cannot help but have a great harvest in my life. I cannot not just sow for me, I cannot just sow for others, there has to be a healthy balance. Praying everyone finds your Hakuna Matata today because YM- YOU MATTER .. and remember to be nice because others matter too ..



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