Your Story

Clink from Kansas on a cool, foggy 66 degree morning. Nobody up but Della and I. This cup made in Kansas, I can so appreciate the artists, time, talent and design 💜. My sign I had made for WindRose really tells the story of my Garden. The beautiful crepe myrtle behind it was transplanted from Pat and Gina’s, my brother and sister in law. Their are so many different flowers, plants, structures, features that are a part of the story of our family and friends that I have incorporated into my garden. I cannot sit and sip my coffee ☕️ that I don’t feel the legacy and love that it all represents and who it honors. Praying everyone finds something to create that honors those who matter to you. Sharing your love of the ocean, sharing an imagination garden, sharing pics of finding hearts, or just enjoying life… Share the very rare yet needed smile and kindness with someone today. Remember YM- YOU MATTER.. OM- OTHERS MATTER.. So 🐝 kind 🆘


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