Richer than you ever dreamed of

This candle given to me by my daughter Shauna and it smells amazing by the way. After the dust of celebration settled from my birthday I finally sat down in my office and read through all the cards again and looked at all the gifts. I reached for the little candle in a box, smelled it and then read the words on it. Aged to perfection brought a somewhat doubtful smile to my face, but I guess at sixty there is some high mileage and dents to be expected. Then the simple but beautiful words. Behind me are so many memories and what an incredible gift memories are. An instant replay and recall of what matters most. I remember holding my daughters and looking into their eyes after carrying them and feeling them move inside me for nine months. Ask any Mom and she will tell you that feeling, bonding and creating life inside of you is nothing short of miraculous and holy perfection. Falling in Love with someone and all its mysterious, powerful and intoxicating feels. Family and the surprising comfort, conflict and unity in it all. Friendship and it’s gifts of support, secrets, laughter and tears. Dreams a wish your heart makes, sorry not sorry about pulling the quote from Cinderella. Even if all our dreams don’t come true what a gift that we can experience them at all. This one tore my heart way open. Being surrounded by those who love you is everything, it is all you need. It is the first of everything and it is the last. It is what makes everything and everyone in between matter so much, when your born and when you take your last breath. It can’t be bought or earned it’s free and if you don’t cherish and work at it you can lose it so easily. Then most certainly if you have been loved by someone you are richer than you could have ever dreamed of because it is truly priceless.


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