Tomorrow will be our daughter Katie’s thirty first birthday. Last year when she turned thirty Richard and I celebrated our thirtieth wedding anniversary four months later. Katie handed this note to me sometime later and mentioned she meant to write more and give a speech on the day of our anniversary but had forgotten about it and found it later in her purse and thought I might want it. As I read her words I was overwhelmed with gratefulness and humbled that she had the heart to write it and with tears running down my face I really couldn’t have imagined a better anniversary gift. They say anymore that staying together for your kids isn’t popular and isn’t necessary. I challenge that with a resounding but what if you do. If you don’t it might just be easier for everyone, there might be less arguments, less frustration and a whole lot less words you would want to take back later. There might be less resentment, less regret and you most certainly will be freer and maybe best of all you can just ask your self where you want to eat for dinner without a big argument or compromise. But what if you do, if you do most likely there isn’t going to be magic fairy dust that sprinkles good will over you or a rainbow that appears and everyone magically gets along… it just doesn’t work that way. It is true that anything worthwhile, lasting and valuable requires sacrifice, hard work, humility, determination and a lot of prayer and faith. So, what’s the payoff for hanging in there, for failing a million times, for being human and flawed in front of your spouse and your children, I think for me it might be the words and gift in this note. It is that someday your daughter gives you a note like this, a simple and beautiful affirmation that while perfect does not exist it will always leave a strong and lasting thimble of hope and generational strength behind it. Katie’s grandparents Jack and Louise Hall left us all a strong legacy after sixty-five years of marriage and I can’t think of a better inheritance to leave your family then that. Katie is cut from a strong cloth and it doesn’t always look easy, or perfect or for that matter for everyone, but as her amazing note says, “It is not always perfect but it is enough” God bless you my beautiful Katie, this world, our world and this family is better because you were born and you are here. The bible says children are a blessing and gift from God, he knit you in you in my womb and he knows the plans he has for you, what an incredible and perfectly unplanned blessing you truly are. You are amazing, you are deeply devoted to family, so beautiful and strong inside and out, always kind, giving and so perfectly more than enough. YM- we love you …


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