I always tell Richard that we are falling apart together. I say our check engine light seems to be coming on a lot more often these days. Seems we have to stop go back and work out some kinks to move forward together and in this life. August seemed to bring a lot of kinks to work through and on August 12th Richard got news of an esophageal cancer diagnosis. We have been spending the days since having a lot tests ran and on this coming Wednesday we will meet with the oncologist and form the plan of treatment to battle this beast. I lost my Mom to cancer, I had my time with breast cancer, had many friends and family endure it and now it once again attacks someone I love. I have come to know and believe that hard and difficult times often makes life more precious and clear. You find yourself in this beautiful and incredible circle of family and friends who hold you tight and support and lift you up. I like to call it love-a-tation, it is the powerful medicine and feeling of floating and being held up by your people. It looks like prayer, it is cards, calls, texts and sitting with you in waiting rooms. I can’t promise I will continue to clink in the coming weeks as I will be diverting my energy to working out some kinks with my love. We so appreciate all your prayers for Richard as he so bravely navigates the coming weeks of treatments and a challenging and difficult surgery ahead. You all matter to us


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