Comfort over Certainty

This is me on a cooler fall feeling overcast day. I welcome cooler seasons like a dear childhood friend that renews my spirit and strengthens my resolve every time. I sit on my deck in my favorite Merrell slippers, a warm deep tea with hints of cinnamon and my favorite blanket about me. Along with the current issue of Magnolia magazine to read, I breathe deeply and let a falls wind blow the cob webs of worry off my shoulders. I hesitate to say God orchestrated this day for those of us who just needed a break from the heat. I personally needed the peace, serenity and a whisper of Fall and so with child like faith and gratefulness I will give him all the credit for it. This week brought more questions then answers, more patience then certainty, more faith then right now and more God is in control, we are not. The storm seems daunting however the incredible Angels who have reached out and surrounded us have brought immense support and comfort beyond what we could ever repay. I humbly thank you all and pray God blesses each and everyone of you in ways that bring you much happiness and unexplainable comfort and perfect peace. Xoxo YM


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