Last weekend Shauna and I as well as several family members and dear friends attended the wedding of my nephew Derek and his new bride Celia. The venue held at The Clifton Inn just out side of Charleston Virginia was constructed in 1799 as a classic colonial-style home for Thomas
Jefferson’s daughter and husband, Martha and Thomas Mann Randolph and is now a very beautiful and charming boutique hotel and estate open to guests to stay or for intimate and fine dining. It seemed every where we walked around Charleston you could just feel the history. The glorious campus of the University of Virginia, founded in 1819 a testament to Thomas Jefferson dedication to education and research. We were surrounded by homes and institutions that were built to stand the test of time. I found it even more fitting that we were there for a wedding, a gift and blessing God himself gave us and preformed in a Garden that still stands through the tests and storms of life if we are committed to our vows and one another. Family, friends, celebrating, caring, sharing, laughter, listening, comfort and commitment are all absolutely incredible foundation building blocks for a life well lived and connected. Foundations important and crucial but maintenance necessary, truly everything has to be cared for and kept up. Praying today that we all invest ourselves in some way to something that will out last us, maybe an encouraging word at the right time that heals a heart. Maybe planting a seed of hope or making a difference with a kind smile and listening ear. Praying today you feel you matter and that you make others feel they do to, because love truly has and does stand the test of time .. YM


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