In a couple of weeks we will gather for Thanksgiving and even with all that is going on personally in our lives hosting Thanksgiving in our home just wasn’t the thing we wanted to give up. Richard and I both look forward to the house being loud and filled with those we love and the smells of really great food. I look forward to the Turkeys Pat cooks, the really special ham Roger and Diane bring, of course Rita’s layered and very decadent dessert. I want a long and lasting hug from Cheryl, I want to see all the cousins, Faye, Christina, Charles and others just to name a few. Then the explosive laughter of the cousins, our nieces and nephews and now with children of their own. I make a special Sangria every year and Richard actually stirs the 40lbs of potatoes with a concrete mixer and a drill because hey it works well and also it makes a great memory that will be shared long after the celebration changes to the next generation. I love that Jack still says grace and we join in, I love that we always eat at noon because that’s they way it started long ago and we still honor this family’s legacy and traditions because they matter and they made us who we are. We are a family that gathers well, not without our drama’s, not without all the sticky family goo that just comes with being family. I realized it really isn’t about the food for me, it really is about us all being together, about the conversations, about what happens when we gather well together and make time for each other. There is a nourishment and blessing you get that is beyond words when you gather at a table and make connections. Praying we don’t lose the art of gathering, that we don’t become so self sufficient that we stop needing the support and strength in others. Make time to gather well and often, it matters… YM.


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