Clink from Kansas on a very brisk and clear pre Thanksgiving weekend .. This cup, given to me by my Mom, the name on it given to me by my Dad, the tapestry of table cloths in the background , my mothers .. As I dug through tablecloths for the coming holiday I realized they were all my moms. My mom loved having people in her home. Her heart 💜 for family and friends was felt the minute you saw her smile, her eyes light up and felt her long, loving hugs. I spent most of my childhood growing up in a small home of 556 square feet. I didn’t realize how small the space was until as an adult I drove by and was shocked at how little it had become through my adult eyes. I can still see my mom and sister working together cooking, laughing, preparing the meal, then delegating me to get the table cloth, the nicer holiday plates and set the table for our special celebration. I guess the house seemed bigger and fancier because my Moms love and passion for celebrating made it feel that way..This Thanksgiving we project hosting 58 family members will be in our home 👏🙏💜.. My prayer is that everyone of them knows they matter. That they will feel how grateful we are for them, that they see her tablecloths and feel the years of love and tradition they represent.. praying everyone has a blessed and safe Holiday … YM-YOU MATTER.. FM- FAMILY AND FRIENDS MATTER .. Bring your holiday spirit of gratefulness to your meals and make everyone feel they matter to you,


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