Here we are just one week away from Christmas morning, the advent and build up in it all. We have moved into Hope in week one, to Peace in week two and now we are ramping up with and lighting the candle of JOY… I can only imagine in the heavenly’s the unimaginable celebration and glory unseen bursting open and overflowing into the hearts of believers and those who still need a savior and hope here on earth. I see choirs of Angels, I see those I love who are there now in heaven hand in hand singing, Joy to the World, worshiping and praising Jesus, the King of Kings and our forever savior. I have been personally jamming to … Little Drummer Boy, by for King and Country, the drums are ah mazing, and if you want to be blessed and ramp your joy to another level download it or watch it on Utube. Just let the worship of and connection to our Lord and savior pour into your soul so deep that it literally pushes away any and all of your burdens, I promise and guarantee it works every time. I personally can’t watch the little drummer boy story without sobbing. For me It best exemplifies the graciousness of our God and that he would open heaven and send a baby into the midst of a troubled world as a light of eternal hope and reconciliation. Some will argue that it is just a story, that isn’t true or relevant anymore. What I do know is this, one day we all will find our selves empty, broken and wandering. When this world asks more then you can bare, when your hurting, when you’re sick, when your lost, when the weight of worry and despair is great, when the material stuff doesn’t fill the void any longer, there it is … Its called faith, God himself put a longing deep within us and with just a mustard seed size of faith, and a prayer of Jesus help me I need you, the peace of God fills that space with Grace. Praying today we seek some Joy, and fun. Find a reason to celebrate, be in awe of a sunrise or sunset, watch a movie that brings good feels to your heart or give a smile, kindness, extra patience and unconditional love to someone who needs a lot more then you do right now… We all matter


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