Good morning and Merry Christmas on this cold and beautifully white very early Christmas morning. The last advent candle lit for LOVE … I prayed all advent to find it, struggling a bit with heaviness, loss, difficulties and the rush of year end things that always demand our time and come up. Last night as I sat in the quiet it came to me in short but clear moments. God opened my heart and I found Christmas. Christmas was there when we celebrated my daughter Shauna’s birthday and we took a road trip, It was there for Nikki’s wedding shower and the baby shower for Megan and of course Jack’s 89th birthday. It was there when we celebrated the beautiful wedding of Nichole and Max on the beach. It was there when I turned 60 and so many reached out and then having a surprise party for me. It was there at Alex’s wedding shower. It was there as we celebrated Katie and Richards birthdays. It was there for Gina’s and Travis baby shower and a trip to KC. It was there for Alex and Lucas’s wedding, it was there for Celia and Derek’s wedding. It was there for Thanksgiving and Beverly brining cinnamon rolls that Aunt Gertrude used to make. It is here in December for Brant’s birthday, cousins Christmas and all the family that came together. It is in the NICU at children’s hospital where Olivia a beautiful nurse and angel works to take care of very tiny and precious babies. It is there with cancer patients fighting bravely against unknowns and feeling ill. It is there with a son spending his last moments with his mom, it is there with parents holding on with all hope. It is an Aunt Diane teaching her nieces to make the traditional Lasagna for Christmas eve. It is the new precious babies we added, Violet, Aurora and Emma Grace. It is in a good bye this past year to my dear friend John. It is with my friend Jackie who received a new heart just days ago ❤️.. As I sit with grateful tears rolling down my face my heart full that even in the really hard moments love still abounds. For Love is not a brief and fleeting feeling it’s a million moments and memories in action. Today love is celebrated by the birth of a savior Jesus whom God sent to show his love for us. It was not a perfect story or birth long ago it was indeed how God had planned that it would come in the everyday and be shown to those who needed to find peace, hope, Joy and LOVE ❤️. Praying today for us all, that we seek and find perfect whispers of love that dusts our hearts and prepare us to love and forgive others as we have been loved and forgiven by God through his son. Merry Christmas and love to you all… O come let us adore him 🌟


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