Good morning on this cold and clear brand new first day of 2023. Having my first cup of fresh coffee and typing my first clink with you for the year. The picture attached is the face of the new sundial my husband got for me for Christmas this year. When I read the words the tears immediately started flowing and I couldn’t even read it out loud. “Grow old with me the best is yet to be”. He had asked what I wanted this year for Christmas I told him a sun dial for my garden WindRose. I was overwhelmed by the one he picked and he couldn’t have done any better then with this one. You see one of the two trees I had planted at the entrance turned brown after five years and so we had to pull it out and I felt compelled to use the space for a new idea. I love sundials they are all so ornate and have a rich history that extends over 3000 years. They also need lots of sunshine and WindRose gets plenty of Kansas sunshine on the west side of the house. This type of sundial is known as a garden sundial and on the box these words. “ I stand amid the summer flowers, to tell the passage of the hours. When Winter steals the flowers away, I tell the passage of their day. It seemed very fitting then to start my first CLINK of 2023 with this in mind. For my CLINKS have been my dial and my way of capturing time, stories, moments and seasons. Benjamin Franklin wrote, “Hide not your talents, they for use were made; what’s a sundial in the shade.” Praying today that our hearts open to new, to possibilities and feel a tug and a dream to pursue. The sundial records the passing of time so I pray we all use our time to pursue and grow the talents and dreams God has weaved so beautifully into us .. YM


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