I told my husband this past Friday, that 2022 was the year of treatments and tests. This year we are hoping and moving forward into healing and recovery. We got good news last week that the last months of chemo and radiation cleared up suspected spots of cancer but more importantly shrunk the main tumor to a place that we can proceed with the surgery needed to remove it. We celebrated Friday needless to say, we called and notified so many who have stood with and prayed us through some very hard moments since his diagnosis. In true Richard fashion he said with tears in his eyes, “so many people were praying for me I guess God had to listen”. We could not be more humbled and grateful for the outpouring of love and support and it all mattered and God listened. The real thing about hard times is they often don’t last forever, but often they produce and give us the endurance to get us through the next valley or low point. I then thought about our marriage vows and how they really don’t feel like enough for all we have been through in these thirty one years. So in the spirit of renewal and a new year and more time.. here goes new vows. I vow to laugh with you more and be critical a lot less. I vow to forgive more not because you still don’t do or say things that irritate me at times, but by not forgiving you there is no space in my heart for more love for you to grow in. I vow to seek and see more common ground and spend far less time looking at our differences. You sleep late, I am an early bird. You see life often far differently then I, but I pray not to see that in a defensive and contentious way but I vow to love you more through a lens of respect, individuality, mutual, fair and listening to understand way. I vow to love you through… I love this vow and this word through because it is daily, it is being present and it says what ever our relationship needs today or tomorrow I am still here by your side. Praying today we all can renew our vows to love more, to look and find what God loves most in others, to expand our reach and stretch our capacity for compassion to a point and level that the flow of love opens up and heals our often resistant and guarded places. Love always has and does heal all wounds if you let it. YM-You Matter


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