Good morning fellow clinkers hoping this morning unfolds and opens up in a way that brings you peace and breathing space. I have to admit I am a wake up happy and let’s go girl. My mind is at its best and most productive and creative right away. I do the all the things, put the dog out, grab a cup of coffee, get ready while I listen to one of my favorite POD casts, I rise, shine and seize the day. Awe but Sunday comes and I stop and intentionally change the rhythm. I sleep a little longer, I walk a little slower, I linger and I stare out the window with coffee in hand and stop to watch with gratitude the grand performance in a sunrise. I light candles and I don’t look back on the weeks troubles nor do I look ahead. I practice SLOW .. S- stop, L- linger, O-observe, W- wonder. I stop thinking, I stop moving, nothing more then just lingering and suspended by utter stillness. It’s like a spa treatment for my soul. I follow a POD cast called Unhurried Living, I highly recommend it. You can go to UTUBE and type Unhurried living and slow and watch the five minute video and allow your soul to feel the instant recovery of being still. Praying today that there are moments for us all that we can just slow way down and be still… That we open our hands and exchange our exhaustive worries for the rest and peace God Promises … YM- You Matter


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