Hello Clinkers are you ready for some Sunday morning chit chat and conversation, let’s do this. Last week I updated my profile picture and received some very awesome comments as well as a record number of likes, so thank you to all who responded kindly. I have to say I was a bit apprehensive as it was the first time posting a pic of myself since not wearing my topper and wig for the past two and a half years. I had been struggling with fine hair for several years that turned into bald areas that was made even worse through two bouts of covid, radiation treatments, crazy stress and a very large dime size mole cut out of the side of my head. I remember finally making the decision to reach out for options for my hair loss. I ended up at a place called Bravadas that sold wigs, extensions and toppers so I called and went in for a consult. Let’s just say I was feeling very overwhelmed but a sweet young girl named Sadie invited me to sit down in her chair while she assessed my level of hair loss, she then went to the back to bring back some product options and suggestions. As I sat there waiting, my level of anxiety and depression about it all was at its peak. However, as I sat there taking deep breathes and praying about it all my pity party was soon pierced by the laughter coming from two chairs away. I soon became distracted as I watched a girl of around eight years old being fit for a wig and also having bright pink highlights put in it. I watched her be so joyful, as well as her mom and brother who were celebrating in it all with her. As I listened in her brother said. you are going to look awesome and mentioned they were leaving for MD Anderson the next morning for her treatments. Well needless to say I sat there very humbled. I smiled at her, turned my head and was moved to tears by her incredible attitude, bravery and the support of her family. My pity for my self soon turned into an instant, if she can do this then so can I. I have worn my topper and wig for pictures, for vacations for celebrations and all of life in-between. Four weeks back I went to a new hair dresser, her name is Courtney and she is the beautiful and fabulous new owner of Cut Salon on Maize Road. I removed my topper that I affectionately named Barbie and she assessed my hair and assured me she could cut my hair and color it and I would not need Barbie anymore. So that night I left her Salon with a new beginning, freedom and a deep appreciation for people who through their vocations bless our lives in such meaningful and everyday amazing ways. Truth is as we age more maintenance is required, an acceptance that things can and do wear out over time will become noticeably apparent. Barbie is in my closet for now and who is to say she won’t be needed again as some point, hair today gone tomorrow. For now, she is a trophy and a reminder to me to be as brave as I can or need to be… for me. That if getting pink highlights, a topper, a whatever gets you through the storm or season is needed… then give yourself some grace and find that thing. Most importantly surround yourself or find those people who get you, who love, support and see your beautiful. The ones who don’t spread gossip or laugh in your pain but rally and lift you up into your brave space so you can heal again…

YM-You Matter


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