Just a Clinker at Heart – CLINK

Happy Sunday on this the last Sunday of April 2023. Yesterday Katie and I enjoyed the early morning vibes of our local Farm and Art Market downtown. This may or may not come as a surprise but the first stop is always where is the coffee. Yesterday morning it was a fun little spot on the very edge of the square who was doing custom coffees and I was all in. It was a bit of a wait but the coffee and the art on the top was well worth it. As we were strolling about cup in hand and greeting others with smiles and enjoying the beautiful morning someone called out my name. I turned to see two of my dear friends, we spoke for a while and then she asked where there might be coffee, like of course I know where coffee is because it’s kind of my thing. I told her, pointing the way and then Katie and i concluded our shopping and headed home. A bit later I got a message from my friend with this picture, and the message read… Are you kidding me, I love this 💜, for which I replied; I know it’s like a hug in a cup. A lot of people sleep in on a Saturday but I find the early morning of a great Farmers Market to be just what I need for my Clinkers heart 💜.. Community, Coffee, friendship, family time and of course lots of homemade goodies to sample. Not a bad way to have a great day. Praying today something finds you and hugs you from the inside out, often it is just being grateful for the little things like a simple but beautiful heart on your coffee.. YM – have a blessed day


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