Clink from Kansas, April 8th 2017

Clink from Kansas on a breezy,  quiet, fresh feeling Sunday morning.. Oh this mug, it makes me want to plant and play in the dirt all day long. If you look ever so carefully to the left bottom of my mug  you will see it .. That small green, crown 👑 sprout  proudly showing its self on my newly transplanted wisteria vine.  That is hope my friend, hope, rain and sunshine ☀️.  When they transplanted Winnie to her new spot I was scared, she is not a new seed you know , she is 16 now and in plant 🌱 years that’s up there for sure.  When I went out and checked on her this week and saw the first signs of life, I was relieved, happy, hopeful and beyond grateful.   Waiting for her to wake from the slumber of winters season, to rise to the warmth and promise of spring is one of the reasons I garden.  Gardens seem to inspire me, they heal my spirit, relax my mind and renew my soul. Praying  everyone gets some me time today, that you do something that heals you so deeply and makes you happy .. YM- YOU MATTER .. 💚❤️💛💙💜💖


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