Happy Mother’s Day From Kansas 💜

Clink from Kansas on a very quiet, cool and still Sunday morning.. These lilacs from my garden filled the air with an incredible and unmistakable aroma. This cup is one of my favorites, just always reminds me of my mother’s love for Cardinals. When my sister Kim and I were little we would always cut fresh Lilacs from the row of fragrant purple that lined our driveway on urban street. Every Mother’s Day she would receive the cards we made at school and the bouquet of purple we put together just for her. One of my moms favorite colors, purple, or lilac and she wore it often and it always looked amazing on her. To say I miss my mom would be a huge understatement. I am so grateful that I have so many incredible memories with her that instantly fill my heart 💜 when I miss her most. When I hear a Cardinal, when I smell lilacs, sip coffee on my deck or see her in the faces of her grandchildren I find her. Her essence, beauty, strength and heart are in them all. Praying everyone makes space for love today, it matters.. YM- YOU MATTER 💜


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