Clink from Kansas on this a quiet Sunday and literally two weeks before Christmas. This year I was compelled to down size my Christmas decor, to revamp really to something less flashy and over the top to intentionally be more intimate and peaceful. If I am honest I didn’t really have the energy or time for more this year. I have always loved seeing candles in windows in the winter. So I started reading the history behind the practice and use of them. I found these flickering battery operated candles on Amazon and I started by placing them in the windows. They are perfect and fit all the ways I want my Christmas to feel and be Celebrated. For Advent and the birth of our savior they represent, Peace, Hope, Love and Joy. For the Irish Catholics as practiced in the 1700s they were a sign for the priest to enter the home for a blessing during a time of religious persecution. To the early colonists they represented either a welcoming and open home for a weary soul or a remembrance for a lost loved one that was truly missed. I am praying this season that we all can find a flicker of what really matters. That even in the celebration and chaos that we could intentionally pull back just enough to see a need for someone, to listen to the hurting, to light a candle of kindness and welcoming. Angels appeared to shepherds in the quiet of a country side with the greatest of news for mankind. God still chooses the quiet for the most meaningful conversations with us, I pray you find time and a quiet space to spend meaningful time with him. YM


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