Good Sunday morning all you beautiful and awesome clinkers. This week’s Clink is epic because the pictures you see were provided to me by my friend Grae and his wife April during their recent trip to Norway. I was sitting at my desk coffee in hand and ready to tackle a Monday morning when my phone rang. I looked down and it was from Grae so I answered it assuming it was work related. He said, hold on a minute I am going to face time you and with that he walked out a door and flipped the camera around to reveal the most magnificent Arctic paradise my eyes have ever seen. Then he says and points above him, that Is the Arctic circle. I was like what are you kidding me, it was just so surreal and unbelievably perfect and still, so I quickly took a screen shot of me seeing it all in real time. Not a bad way to start a Monday and I was just so grateful he would take the time to share it with me. He graciously then sent me several pics from their trip, the dazzling and enchanting emerald colored aurora borealis phenomena he was able to capture so perfectly and then the money shot. An epic Ice Clink from the Ice Hotel they stayed in, check out that chandelier in the background.  I mean an Ice Clink, I was over the moon or should I say over the Arctic circle ecstatic about this one. I have been truly blessed with many friends and family who support my CLINK habit and blogging and I never take for granted someone taking the time to think of me with a CLINK in mind. Praying today that we all find a place to wander and wonder… that we work to live and not live to work, side note you do have to work hard to play hard or travel like this. I hope to invest my time and my CLINKS well, in people, in places, in community, in conversations, stories and in sharing all the beautiful spaces and places God so graciously surround us with to enjoy. Thank you Grae… you most certainly get the EPIC-CLINK award this week. YM- You Matter


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